Winning FG 2900 Headgear Review

Winning FG2900 Comperensive Review

Why do you need to buy Winning FG 2900 headgear?

Winning is one of the famous and popular resounding brands. They manufacture high-quality boxing equipment and gear for the professionals and has become their most popular choice.

If you are a professional boxer or a fighter, then continue reading the article as it contains some major consideration regarding the product.

The Winning FG 2900 headgear is one of the most admired products of all and here we focus on why it is so and about its benefits.

If you wish to buy a headgear for the next boxing tournament, then go through the information available in the article that let you know more about this superb product.

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The boxing headgears are specially designed to face the tough and heavy sparring sessions.

In order to serve as a professional boxing, the headgear is provided with full face protection with side, back, and front padding.

They are manufactured carefully to provide maximum jaw and head protection with solid bars for extra cheek protection. Padding of the headgear ensures guard against swelling, scrapes, and cuts. The brain will be guarded against jarring that got occurred during head struck.

About Winning Headgear

  • Medium(Japanese Size): 21.0-23.0inch / 54-59cm
  • Large(Japanese Size): 22.5-24.5 inch / 57-62cm
  • Super light – only 9.5oz
  • Made in Japan
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Durable construction with eccentric design

The top-notch Winning FG 2900 headgear contains finest and topmost level of synthetic leathering, even the plastic clip is thick and durable.

The clip does not break even after taking several shots and hits. The most interesting thing about it is that it is available with locking chinstrap and rear-laced adjustable string.

The lace strings can be easily split apart and another aspect worth is piping. The piping perfectly gives flawless and neat finish as it goes through & through.

You might have seen that other headgears lack sweat-wicking materials but this is not the case with FG 2900. Utmost design and comfort are Winning’s top priority features.

The incredible piece of headgear is incorporated with foam composition and thick cheek snug fittings.

Protection & Weight

If you have joined a training session so as to turn into a pro boxer, one thing you must keep in mind that the headgear should be enough light weighted.

This will maintain focus on the match and you will feel like you haven’t worn any gear over the head.


The FG 2900 headgear is available in four major sizes: 22.5in-24.5in, 21in-23in, 23.5in-25.5iin and 25in-28in. The large and medium size perfectly gets fits over the head and serves the boxer excellently.

The cheeks do not feel close or too spread out or too tight, you will feel just right enough with above-mentioned fitting.

Double protect and two padding layer:

The headgear padding protection is ready with two layers: the outer layer is firmer and stronger which is made specially to absorb every blow you receive during the match.

The inner layer is snug hug and warms on your face. The padding design is considered best all over the world compared to other headgear protection padding.

It even does not get shy away from protecting eyes, nose and cheeks with sufficient shielding capability. Thick cheeks easily get roll off hooks and deflect them perfectly.

Plus, the headguard did not need any face-saver so as to ensure punch on your nose. But it is fact that 100% protection of nose from a straight punch by this product is guaranteed.

Padding is something that can improve headgears from accidental rabbit and unintentional punches that straight away throws away the boxer from the game. The FG 2900 does not contain any padding on its back, but it’s neither a big deal as it provides enough lightness.

No vision interference

Visibility one of the most important concerns. The FG2900 provides incredible peripheral vision and the thick cheek on the headgear does not obscure anything.

When you use this headgear, you will definitely like lower body visibility. It even serves best if you are looking for lightly weighted gears with appropriate vision capability.

Surely, you won’t get troubled if you buy the Winning FG2900 gear.


Price plays a crucial role when wishes to be served with high quality and flawless craftsman gear.

Definitely, this is not a cheap headgear, but it is worthy enough to serve you with topmost protection and utmost durability experience.

The gears are really special and you won’t be able to take off your eyes when you get to know all its benefits.

Is it worth to put trust in it?

Of course, you need to believe the hype.

The Winning headgear is the most trusted and valuable boxing equipment that you might think of. Swear on the padding and protection material that they will bring you the desired result in the ring.

Once you buy the Winning gear, you do not have to go everywhere for reliable boxing equipment. No other product can provide you the desired visibility, padding, protection and fit for every head.

It will be fair to mention that you will get top off with this stylish headgear and high-quality equipment, it is really a worth attention giving the product. As mention above, the gear provides you with thick padding, greater protection, extra durability, topmost quality at an affordable price.


A topmost quality product with laminated foam system ensures protection from all sides such as the side, front, and back.

You will love to see the contour designed gears made with latest protective advancements. Where to buy this amazing product?

There are not a lot of places where you can buy Winning headgear except online.

So head out to Amazon and based on your head size look from a wide selection of sizes, buy a perfectly fitted headgear and enjoy!

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