Am I Too Fat for Jiu Jitsu?


 Guest post by Biologist Matt Stathis of

In my line of work, I meet many people who ask me whether or not they are too fat to start Jiu-Jitsu. “No, you are not. In fact, there are people even heavier than you who have done Jiu-Jitsu and have had great success,” I tell most of them. Since you are reading this, you are probably also wondering whether or not you weigh too much to start the traditional Japanese martial art. Here is what you need to know;

No one is too fat to start doing Jiu-Jitsu

No matter how much you weigh, you can begin doing Jiu Jitsu any day. You do not need to lose weight before starting Jiu Jitsu. Doing Jiu Jitsu is a healthy lifestyle by itself so just start doing it, and you will realize that in time, you will have a better shape. While it may take you longer than your friends to get better, it will eventually pay off, and you will be happy you started doing it earlier rather than later.

The more you keep trying your best, the more respect and better results you earn

Things may get really rough, but you need to keep doing your best. This does not mean that you have to perform as good as the leaner and more muscular athletes in there. Just keep trying the best you can, and when your teammates notice that you are not quitting even when stuff gets harder, they will respect you for that. Again, you will realize that the harder the work you put into your training, the better results you get. It is all about having the right attitude.

You will face various emotional landmines

You need to be aware that there will be many emotional landmines that you will have to face. Refusing to accept this reality often makes Jiu Jitsu harder for overweight people, and most of them end up quitting. Here are some of the unpleasant things you may face;

1. You may feel excluded

Occasionally or often, you may feel like the only ugly fat person on your team and that no one wants to be partnered with you. You may think that you suck so much that people don’t want to train with you. Well, white belts will have many reasons for not wanting to be partnered with you especially if you are overweight. This happens all the time, but be sure they don’t know impressive part of you. They don’t know that you are kind and you make the best jokes. So, don’t let feeling excluded spoil your Jiu-Jitsu training. Accept this reality and keep doing your thing.

2. You may feel foolish and uncomfortable

Your teammates will be executing moves with ease, and since at that moment your weight can’t let you move your body in the same manner, you may look and feel foolish. Just know that no one started Jiu Jitsu knowing it all. At some point, everyone felt stupid when they started it.

Also, Jiu-Jitsu will put you in some weird positions that you wouldn’t want to do with strangers. This may make you feel very uncomfortable, but with time, you will get used to it. Since this martial art involves the use of muscles, you may also be physically uncomfortable when making some moves which may also result in a lot of sweating. While all these may make you feel uncomfortable, you need to get used to it and keep trying your best.

3. You may feel too fat to be in your team

You may be in a team with fit, lean and muscled teammates and you suddenly start feeling fatter than you are. Yes, you may be the fattest and the biggest person around, but remember the only thing you can do to get a better shape is by concentrating on your training.

4. Occasionally, you may be the worst

Given your weight, you have to understand that as you begin Jiu Jitsu, there are things you cannot do as well as your leaner and more muscular training partners. You need to accept this fact and work harder to perform better.

Jiu Jitsu can help you lose weight

Combining a healthy diet with physical exercise is the foundation of weight loss success. Both require a significant time investment. The diet part can be greatly facilitated with a healthy diet food delivery program, and the exercise can be taken care of with a martial art like Jiu Jitsu. Many people have lost a lot of weight practicing Jiu Jitsu. Some have shared their success stories online to motivate others. Jon Orton, for instance, told Men’s Health how Jiu-Jitsu helped him lose 257 pounds of weight. Jon, who was weighing 478 pounds before starting Jiu Jitsu says that he was advised by a black-belt friend to start Jiu-Jitsu. Four years after starting, Jon weighs 225 pounds (about 102kg).

Another success story is shared by Cristobal Hernandez who used the Japanese martial art to lose more than 140 pounds. His story featured in one issue of the Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. Anthony Peranio also tells his story online on how he managed to lose 25 pounds within a month with the help of Jiu-Jitsu.

You can also tell your weight loss success story by starting Jiu Jitsu today without minding too much about your weight. While on it, remember to break your goals into smaller reasonable goals, and avoid comparing yourself to others. Be yourself and do your thing.