Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear Review

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headguard Review

Today we are reviewing one of the best boxing headgear available on the market. As always, Venum successfully presents a product that combines great quality, good price, and a modernistic look.

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Venum – the Brand of Aggression

Venum is one of the most established fighting gear brands in the modern martial arts. The brand is producing all kinds of fighting equipment since 2008.

Over the years they sponsored some of the best athletes in MMA. For example Carlos Condit, Jose Aldo, Miesha Tate, and more.

If you have ever seen equipment made by Venum you already know about their style – aggressive, flashy, and modern.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

  • Super lightweight
  • Skintex leather construction
  • Triple density foam
  • Flexible two way Velcro closure
  • One size fits all
  • Designed in Thailand
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Design & Aesthetics

There are a number of colors you can choose for this headgear. However, the dominant color is black with the details being neo orange, neo green, white, or black.

The design is simple.There are spikes around the jaw, the Venum logo at the back of the head, and just the brand on the forehead.

Quality & Protection

The materials itself are pretty good quality and you can be sure that the product will last a long time.

The outside is made from Venum’s “Skintex” leather, which is not a real leather. However, the feeling is very nice and the texture is smooth.

Speaking about this, the internal fabric is light, comfortable and doesn’t retain sweat.

Let’s talk about the padding. For the most part, the padding is really thick (over 1 inch in some places) and well-distributed.

However, this comes with a price – the headguard is pretty bulky compared to other products.

Therefore, if you are looking for good protection when sparring – this headgear is a perfect choice.

However, it can restrict your vision because of its big size. Indeed, this can be a problem if you are training kickboxing, muay thai, or MMA because you constantly have to look not only for punches but for kicks too.


As we already mentioned, the internal fabric feels very good and comfortable. Additionally, the fit is one-size for all.

This makes the headgear very flexible in terms of head-size. Therefore, the strap system allows you to get the perfect fit no matter if you head is too big.

However, there can be some issues if your head is too small. Basically, because the straps on the top are designed for a larger head. Therefore, you will need to pull hard to make the velcro tight.


The Venum Challenger headgear on sale can be about 50-55$. Of course, there are much cheaper option available.

However, for the quality, protection, and comfort you get from this headguard, the price is pretty good.

Pros & Cons


+ Good protection
+ Comfortable
+ Great look
+ Adjustable
+ Breathable

– A bit bulky

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