How to Train Like Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic [Quick Breakdown]

Training Breakdown of the UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic

People all over the world search the internet trying to find the best ways to improve at their sport. For combat sports, many seek knowledge as to how to punch harder or achieve a knockout.

In boxing specifically, improving your defense is a much sought after guide.

You’ll find everything, from niche workouts to super-food diets. While this can, and probably will, help you to improve your training, there’s a far better source for information and tips that are right in front of your nose.

If you partake in a sport, the chances are that you follow the professional game as well.

At the very top of men’s mixed martial arts is a phenomenal fighter who has conditioned himself into being a dominant world champion.

Stipe Miocic currently rules the roost in the UFC as the heavyweight champion. At 6’4’’ and 240 lbs, the Croatian-American has defeated the biggest names in the top weight class of UFC. At 18-2-0, he looks set to be built in as the face of the promotion if he wins his huge upcoming fight.

The incredible heavyweight world champion clearly puts the right work in before he steps under the spotlights. So, let’s have a look at how he got there, and what helped him to achieve such domination.

Miocic the Champ

Since claiming the championship belt from Fabricio Werdum on May 14, 2016, Stipe Miocic has defeated Alistair Overeem, Junior Dos Santos, and Franci Ngannou – all of which are very high-ranking heavyweights.

In his last fight, against Ngannou – for which Miocic was billed as the underdog in the odds – Miocic overcame some heavy fire early in the fight to use his technique and claim the win by unanimous decision.

While Ngannou’s aggressive style saw him fatigue quickly, Miocic’s almighty conditioning allowed him to take the fight.

Now, Miocic has a new challenge altogether. Next, he’ll face Daniel Cormier.

Cormier is an expert wrestler and light heavyweight champion. But he cuts huge a lot of weight to fight at light heavyweight.

As recorded by Forbes, he boasts a mighty 13-0 heavyweight record with the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix win in 2012 under his belt as well. He’ll certainly be a handful for Miocic, and it will be a tiring fight for the man with an 80’’ reach.

However, Miocic’s incredible conditioning is expected to see him through. In the running to this fight, he’ll be utilizing some cruel conditioning drills to get prepared.

Miocic’s Conditioning is Key

According to Stack, Stipe Miocic’s grueling workout includes the Jacobs ladder, medicine ball slams, and pull-ups with intervals of punches and evasion.

On the Jacobs ladder, Miocic with crack out ten intervals that last one minute apiece, with only 30 seconds of rest in between. His pace must exceed 100 feet per minute, which the fighter says improves his cardio and the mental side of his game.

For more mental toughness, straight after the Jacobs ladder, he’ll do 100 consecutive medicine ball slams which weigh in at around 25 lbs.

The pull-ups are used to ensure that Miocic’s arms don’t tire early, and he has some combination and evasion work mixed in the middle of each set.

It usually follows the form of three pull-ups followed by 60 seconds of evasion work or punching before repeating. Miocic knows that he enters the Octagon against big opponents who can throw their weight around, so conditioning has been crucial to his rise.

As of June 4, with Cormier in his sights for the headline fight at UFC 226, training such as this has him at odds of +240 to defeat his opponent on points with Betway.

Expected to take the fight, Miocic will be cautious of Cormier’s skill and may look to take him deep into the fight. Miocic’s reputation as a champion has been built on his three round one knockouts, but it was his collected and clinical showing against Ngannou which cemented him as a star.

Stipe Miocic is expected to need to tap into his well of endurance when he faces Daniel Cormier. Cormier is physically tough and difficult to control.

To prepare, Miocic will be using those three grueling training techniques to ensure that he’s ready for the huge occasion.

As well as these, he’s recruited the services of Bellator’s light heavyweight champion, Ryan Bader.

Bader also has a wrestling base and is gunning for a heavyweight title, according to MMA Junkie, so he should be able to test Miocic in a similar way to Cormier, which will show Miocic if he needs to step up his training regime and make it even more mentally and physically challenging.

Take it from this incredible world heavyweight champion, you need to prepare for long fights and challenging fights with tough training regimes.

This way, your body will be ready for any stage of the bout.