Title Gel World Bag Gloves Review

Title World Bag Gloves Review

Title Bag Gloves Review

Are you looking for a good pair of bag gloves?

Title Gel World Bag Gloves is one of the best choices.

In this article, we give you a comprehensive review of the features and specifications of these gloves so that you can take the final call when it comes to purchasing them.

About Title Boxing

Title Boxing was established in 1998 with an aim to make athletes and boxers feel safe yet powerful when they wear the boxing gloves.

After years of making high-quality, friction-resistant and some of the best boxing gloves, the company expanded into the Mixed Martial Arts division in 2007.

Since then, the Californian Company has been leaving no stone unturned in making safe, powerful and high-quality gloves. Till date, it is one of those brands that most of the boxers rely on.

Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Designed to provide 100% comfort and safety to boxers, these gel bag gloves are one of the best in the market today for these reasons:

  • Resistance to high-impact, thanks to the powerful gel enforced lining
  • Sturdy leather outer layer and a separate lining for the hand compartment for extra safety
  • Foam padding of multiple layers to reduce knuckle soreness and pain even when worn for long hours
  • D-ring style adjustable wraparound wrist strap and hook-loop closure for better wrist support
  • Great value for money
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Features of the gloves

Helps beat knuckle soreness

Most of the boxing gloves give you a sore or painful feeling in the area of your knuckles when you wear them for a long time.

If you thought it was natural, you are mistaken.

You should try out these gel gloves from Title Boxing to know that you can wear them for long hours and still feel pain—free. This is because the gloves come with a supreme quality gel-enforced lining.

This lining holds the gloves firmly to your hands and makes the gloves resistant to any kind of impact. While kicking a punch too hard, you are bound to feel some pain as a result of the impact, aren’t you?

Nevertheless, when you try these gel gloves, you will not feel the pain even when you kick high-impact punches, thanks to the foam padding inside the gloves.

The padding is made of multiple layers, thereby giving your hands 100% comfort and safety.

Great wrist support

When you get a pair of boxing gloves that cares for not only your knuckles but also for your wrist, you have no option but to buy them. Title Gel World Bag Gloves is designed this way.

Its wraparound strap is quite adjustable. The D-Ring and hook-loop closure model of these gloves give your wrist the much-needed support and endurance when you are about to pack a punch.

These gloves come with a separate lining as well for the hand compartment, which makes them fit perfectly on your hands. You will not feel any pain or redness or soreness even when you wear these gloves for longer hours.


Most of the gloves tear off when you are practicing or training hard, as they succumb to the high impact that you inflict on them. These gel gloves, however, are extremely durable and last for a long time.

This is because their exterior layer is made from cowhide leather, which is very thick and sturdy. Due to the hardness of this leather, these gloves can withstand quite a great deal of heavy hitting, with ease.


These gloves come in three sizes – Medium, Large and Extra Large. The sizes fit perfectly, and these gloves are apt even for men and women who have unusually large hands.


The Tile Gel World Bag Gloves are priced at just about $120. It is probably the best pair of gloves in this cost category, according to the users who have purchased them.

When you buy these gloves, you get full value for money as they are highly comfortable, durable and safe to be used for extensive hours.

Pros and Cons


  • Awesome knuckle and wrist support
  • Resistant to heavy impacts
  • Quite cost-effective
  • Doesn’t cause soreness or pain when worn for a long time
  • Great durability


  • Not as per the mentioned weight of 16oz.
  • Not enough ventilation inside the gloves for them to dry easily


Yes, as we can see, there are some demerits with these gel bag gloves from Title Boxing.

However, the extreme comfort, safety, and durability that these gloves offer are of excellent quality. Hence, you can ignore the demerits and invest your money in these.

You will be surprised to see your gloves providing good returns on your minimal investment for many years, because of their durability and sturdiness.