Thinking of Starting MMA?


There are lots of reasons why MMA is a popular sport, it is intensive, varied, and actually a lot of fun. But if you are thinking of giving it a go, there are a few things you should do before you started training. To help you get going, has put together some handy hints and ideas that you should consider so you can prepare safely and enjoy your time.

Tips When Starting MMA

Find the Best Gym

Now, this is not necessarily the biggest gym in your town or the newest. You need to do your research and find the facility that offers specialist MMA training, and in the area, you want to work in. A good gym will allow you a free trial period so you can see if it is going to work for you or not. You should also select a gym depending on whether you are looking to go to a competition level or are just looking for a new hobby.

Get Ready

No, of course, you do not have to be fight ready, but you do need to be fit. You cannot just train to fight; you need to work your whole body and work on your overall fitness too. Warmups for MMA are hard; you will probably be working harder than you have before so get in some essential fitness and cardio to get your body ready to start a new discipline. Get some core work in too, the stronger your body, the easier it is going to be to get started with the specifics of MMA.

Work steadily

It can be really tempting to get swept up in the excitement and enjoyment of a new hobby but remember you haven’t done this before. Charging in like a bull in a china shop can lead to frustrating injuries that will see you benched for weeks rather than training. You cannot learn MMA overnight so don’t try, and be sure to mix your training schedule to keep up that cardio and cross training type work as well as your rest day. These are just as important as work days so skipping them is a quick way to get hurt. It will happen, just enjoy the moment and don’t forget you can change your schedule to keep up with your fitness as you improve over time.

Hang in there

MMA is hard work, and many who thought they really wanted to train for MMA quit early on. It will be tough but remember it takes a massive amount of strength to fight for 25 mins (the length of a championship 5 round fight) and therefore you are going to need to dig deep and find your power if you ever want to get to that level. It is not just a physical training regime but a mental one as well. From fight techniques to being out-psyched by your opponent, there is a lot to learn and combine so that you stand a chance in a real contest.