Is MMA the Future for Jordan Burroughs?


Fans have always wanted Burroughs to make the switch from Wrestling into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) but is that just a pipe dream, or is it a real possibility? investigates the likelihood of Burroughs making such a switch.

It has always been felt that Olympic star Jordan Burroughs has the skills to launch a successful MMA career following on from his Gold Medal at the Olympics, and this is certainly a move that fans are clamouring for him to make. But does the star himself think that it is a right move for him?

“It’s exciting. I can’t deny it; I can’t deny it at all,” Burroughs was quoted on The MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting) as saying “There was a period of time early in my career where I was like, I’m gonna definitely fight. I definitely want to be a part of this lifestyle, then there was a period of time where I had so much success in the sport of wrestling, and I was like, I don’t really need fighting. I’m good; I’m doing well financially, I’ve got a solid following. I’ve got a family; I’m healthy; I’m good.”

Burroughs has witnessed many other wrestlers already make the transition from wrestling into MMA with significant levels of success, and this is tempting for him also.

“Now I’ve arrived at a place too where I’m seeing all of these guys that I once trained alongside become champions—and this is not a shot at any of those dudes—but if these guys can become champion, then I know I can become a champion because I possess all the same qualities that these guys possess

It’s exciting, it’s exciting. It’s something that I’d definitely consider. If I do consider fighting, it won’t be until after the Olympic games in 2020, and then from there I’ll reevaluate, see if it’s something that would be a realistic option for me.”

Burroughs recently tested his mettle against a current undefeated Welterweight contender Ben Askren and absolutely wiped the mat with him at a “Beat the Streets” charity event. Organiser Dana White let slip that Burroughs would be a welcome addition to the Octagon and that she would love to have him there.

However, before any of this speculation can be put to bed, the prospect of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics stands before Burroughs. If he manages to secure a second Gold medal there, it would certainly skyrocket any fees he could expect from a future career at MMA. Though following the 2020 Olympics Burroughs would be 32 years old, a seeming late starter for a career in MMA, traditionally seen as a young man’s game. This is not without exception though, notably Daniel Cormier, who began his MMA career at 30 years old and went on to become one of the best ever competitors at the sport, with a track record that speaks for itself.

One thing that cannot be ignored is the likelihood of injury from MMA is much higher than for his current sport of wrestling, and he will surely have this in mind before making any firm decisions.