What to Look for When Buying Boxing Gloves

They’re literally thousands of different kinds of boxing gloves currently on the market, and it appears they’re few limitations when it comes to color, size, weight, style, and shape. In fact, the options available are so varied and so wide that most tend to get completely confused when the time comes for them to buy a product that will fit their needs.

In this article, we’re going to highlight for you a couple of things you need to think about before going on to get yourself some boxing gloves. Hereinbelow are the things you need to look out for when buying your gloves.

1. Material

The best gloves for boxing usually use high-quality materials during manufacture. Most manufacturers usually like to use vinyl and leather when making their boxing gloves. For children and beginners, vinyl gloves are what’s ideal. They’re normally a lot cheaper than their leather boxing counterpart. Most vinyl options have a velcro closure which helps make them easier to put on. The leather boxing glove options are what the professionals use. You can upgrade to them once you’ve developed the primary skills and techniques in boxing.

2. Weight And Size

Once you’ve decided on the material and the type of gloves you want, you can move on to the size and weight matters. Adult boxing gloves come in eight to twenty-ounce weights. Large, medium and small are often times the sizes available. Women can put on the medium-sized glove options. Training gloves and sparring gloves weigh from around twelve to twenty ounces.

The weight of your gloves should typically correspond with your body weight. Boxing gloves that weigh ten ounces are what is used in professional bouts. Those that way in the region of sixteen ounces is most often used for sparring and training purposes.

3. Closure Formations

Boxing gloves either contain velcro or lace-up options. Heavy bag practice, sparring, and training should be done using the velcro options. They’re easier to pull off and put on without having to get external assistance. The velcro boxing glove can bruise your opponent’s face or your arm. They aren’t usually used for serious professional fights.

The ones used in professional bouts are lace-up options. This is in large part because they fit the user’s hands snugly and they give no chance of slippage. The one downside to lace-up closures, depending on how you look at it that is, is the fact that they can’t be worn without assistance.

4. Wrist Support

A striker’s top priority when it comes to buying gloves is often wrist support. Your wrist can easily get injured when boxing. You need to carefully consider the type of wrist support you want if you want to avoid experiencing a wrist injury. That support is what can end up making all the difference, yet it’s something many tend to overlook. Ensure you get a glove that has good support.

A good quality pair of gloves is defined by how comfortable they are when the user wears them, how well they fit on the hands and how excellent the cushioning generally feels. It’s really not that hard to find what you’re looking for when you know what it is exactly you’re looking for. If not, hopefully, this article has helped shed a little light.