Lonsdale Xlite Training Gloves Review

Lonsdale X-Lite Training Gloves Review

Lonsdale Xlite Boxing Gloves

To train efficiently, you need the perfect training gloves. You also need to choose your gloves carefully because it acts as protection for you as well as your opponent or your sparring partner.

Lonsdale Xlite Training Gloves addresses every boxer’s needs so it comes in a different weight range. It is made of durable materials which makes it a practical choice as it helps you save money in the long run.

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Lonsdale – The Brand of Toughness

Lonsdale is a recognized authority when it comes to boxing as well as mixed martial arts.

Dealing with what can be considered as extreme contact sports, it has established its reputation as a manufacturer of sportswear, footwear, nutrition, and other sports accessories that are made to withstand active use while providing optimum protection for the wearer.

It is passionate in its advocacy to help athletes improve in their respective fields.

Lonsdale Xlite Training Gloves – Perfect for both Amateurs and Professionals

  • Ventilated for maximum comfort
  • Efficient training gloves for boxing as well as mixed martial arts
  • Slit opening for comfort and increased ventilation
  • Easy to secure with touch and close fastener
  • Comes in various size from 10-18 oz.
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Dominating Design of Lonsdale Xlite Training Gloves

Training and sports do not mean that you have to settle for function alone when it comes to your accessories. The Lonsdale Xlite Training Gloves ensure that you train in style.

Lonsdale Xlite Boxing GlovesIt comes in the combination of colors black and green which makes it look sleek and professional as well as the combination of colors black and yellow showing interesting and eye-catching contrast that you will surely love. You can choose depending on your preferences.

Made of durable materials, you will notice how its quality seems to never change no matter how hard the punches you throw to the punching bags, to your sparring partner, or to your opponent.

All the while, it keeps your fists protected so you are always ready to give your best shot.

The slit design ensures air passage, increasing ventilation and breathability so you will feel comfortable. Your comfort also means focus and focus means a higher probability of winning.

Ultimate Comfort and Protection

It comes with the support that you need with thick yet comfortable padding, thanks to the Lonsdale Xlite Training Gloves’ Slit design. It is also designed to allow your hand to move freely because comfort and control can go a long way when it comes to boxing and mixed martial arts.

The Price of Efficiency

The Lonsdale Xlite Training Gloves is one of the most affordable training gloves available in the market considering its features at $69.99 only.

Pros:Lonsdale Xlite Boxing Gloves

  • Durable materials
  • Well-ventilated for comfort
  • Very affordable
  • Perfect fit
  • Perfect weight
  • Comes in two different color combination options


  • More padding needed on top

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