How to Punch Harder? [Right Now]


How to Punch Harder Right Now?

One of the most important aspects of fighting is punching power.  A good placed powerful punch can save you from a dangerous situation on the streets or make you a winner in the ring.

A big portion of the fights ends with a single powerful punch. That’s why every fighter trains hard to develop their punching power.

But what exactly is the power of a punch?

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Easy Tips on Developing More Power

Let’s bring some science behind punches.

Power can be measured by the equation F=ma (force=mass x acceleration). But for combat sports, we must look at the things a little differently. Here is what the physicist Dr. Simon Foster from London found while studying the devastating shots of Manny Pacquiao.

He comes up with the formula for momentum P=mv (momentum=mass x velocity) and change of momentum P = mv / t (change of momentum = mass x change of velocity / change in time). Dr. Foster explains that the boxers must understand that the power in a punch equals the change of momentum.

In other words, an effective punch is when a fighter generate maximum force for a minimum time. For this, the athletes must develop not only their power but also their technique.

Improve your technique

Power Punch

Every punch powerful or not is based on your technique. Making it crisp and clean allows you to strike in the most effective way. That doesn’t mean only to hit hard. It also allows you to punch fast which, as we already stated, is equally important.

Developing pure technique takes a lot of work, dedication, and patience. Use every minute of your workout thinking and trying to improve your technique. Doesn’t matter if you are shadow boxing, training on the punching bag or sparring – think about your technique.

This is important not only for beginners but also for more advanced fighters.

Train Your Core

The technique is the key to effective striking but for pure power, you must have a strong core, legs, and gluteal muscles.

These muscles are the base of everything you need for a strong punch – power, endurance and explosive rotation of the body.

For the professional fighters, strong core muscles don’t come only from sit-ups but from well-selected exercises like plank, training with abs wheel, sit-ups variations, and others.

For the lower part – swings, squats, deadlift or sprints. You may do this as a part of your training program or just at the end of every training.

Improve Your Speed

Fast Punch

As we already mentioned, the effective power punch comes when the fighter generates maximum force for a minimum time. That’s why the speed is a big part of strong punches. Also, if you are quick enough your opponent won’t see what’s coming to his head – which in combination with timing and precision is the key for a knockout.

One of the best ways to improve your speed is shadow boxing – focus on the speed, technique and include your hips and feet into the motion as well.

Another way is training with the speed bag or shadow boxing with dumbbells.


After you adopted a perfect technique, power, and speed, the next step is to increase the explosive rotational power. With exactly this motion you can increase the power which transfers from your punch to your opponent.

In the video below you can see some good exercises for improving your explosive rotational power and therefore improve the power of your punch.

Knowing how to generate a lot of power in your punch is not everything in a fight. There are a lot of other factors like timing, precision, and distance.

That’s why you must not focus on improving only one aspect of the sport. Train to cover all the important parts to become a complete fighter and stay motivated!