How to Clean Boxing Gloves?

How to clean you boxing gloves

When constantly have long training sessions, boxers usually face a very well-known problem – dirty gloves.

Cleaning your gloves regularly and maintaining them properly will keep them good-looking, odor-free and with a nice smell. Also, it will help them to last longer.

It this article, we are going to show you the best ways to wash your boxing gloves and keep them clean.

How to Clean Your Boxing Gloves?

When it comes to keeping your gloves clean, the most important thing is to let them dry out after training.

Otherwise, the bad-smelling bacteria will be allowed to grow and this is exactly what we are trying to prevent.

Make sure to use hand-wraps(which are easily washable) all the time. Not only they protect you from injuries but also they absorb most of the sweat.

Here are the most popular and effective methods for cleaning boxing gloves:

1. Saltwater Soak

One of the most popular ways to kill the bacteria in your gloves is soaking them in a saline solution such as saltwater.

This will break down all of the bacteria inhabiting your gear. However, this is also a very risky method.

Your gloves might be made from materials that do not react well with saltwater. Always be careful and use this as a last potential option.

2. Glove Deodorizers

Meister Glove Deodorizers for Boxing and All Sports

Glove deodorizers are a popular option to air-out, prevent from a bad smell and increase the life-span of your gloves.

These are basically two cotton bags filled with cedar chips or linen blend, which drives the bacteria out of your gear and makes it fresh-smelling and good looking for your next workout.

The glove deodorizers are made to fit perfectly in all kinds of gloves and you can even use them for your training/boxing shoes as well.

This is a must-have for all fighters.

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3. The Freezer Method

Putting your training gloves in the freezer for a few days is a cost-effective and popular method for preventing them from smelling.

However, it is not so effective because it just doesn’t kill all of the bacteria and after a few uses, you will be back to the starting stage.

This method is perfect if you have something to spray the inside and the outside of the gloves. But we will talk more about this in our next option.

Which is:

4. Disinfecting Sprays

Using disinfecting sprays after every training sessions is one of the most secure ways to keep odor and bad smell away.

There are some sprays that are specifically designed for sports equipment such as Clear Gear Disinfecting Spray (on the picture).

It is very easy to use – simply spray on the gear and then let it dry.

The formula disinfects as it dries and doesn’t leave a residue.

Also, it doesn’t irritate the skin and can be used on any equipment, which is very important.

Be cautious if you are using spray that is not specifically made for equipment. It can be dangerous for your skill and health.

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Keeping your Gloves Clean

All of the methods above could potentially increase the lifespan of your gloves, make them fresher and better looking.

However, the best practice is to clean your boxing gloves before they even started to smell. Here are some basic tips that you could follow:

  1. Don’t keep your gloves in the gym bag because the sweat builds up and it will allow the bacteria to grow.
  2. Air out every piece of equipment as soon as you can, preferably somewhere near to a window.
  3. Don’t put your gloves in a washing machine or dryer. It will completely ruin the leather and you will soon have to buy another pair of gloves.

Keeping your gloves clean is not complicated. Actually, it’s pretty simple.

Don’t overthink it and just air out all of your fighting gear after training, buy some disinfecting spray or deodorizers and you will be perfectly good to go!