Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Review

Hayabusa T3 Series Detailed Review

In this article, we are talking about one of the top products made by Hayabusa. Yes, we are talking about Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves.

These gloves, as Hayabusa themselves state, are “the crowning result of our obsession with research, testing, and development”. For sure, this is one of the top-notch quality products on the market. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we included the T3 gloves in our Best Boxing Gloves List.

If you are just getting into combat sports and if you don’t know anything about Hayabusa, then this is a perfect place to introduce them.

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Hayabusa – the Peregrine Falcon

Hayabusa is a worldwide known brand making quality fighting equipment. They have been working with many famous athletes from the MMA world( for example GSP on the video below) and they are working with Glory Kickboxing as the official equipment supplier.

The word Hayabusa in Japanese means Peregrine Falcon – the fastest member of the animal kingdom. It symbolizes strength and speed, showing the intentions of the company to produce top-notch quality products for optimal performance.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

  • Dual-X closure
  • Fusion Splinting
  • XT2 Lining
  • Vylar Engineered Leather
  • SweatX thumb
  • Available in 4 colors
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Made with premium materials, the T3 is one of the few boxing gloves that requires no break-in period,  featuring an inner foam complex that absorbs energy and guarantees the best performance for all types of training.

The XT2 antimicrobial technology inhibits bacteria growth to minimize odor. It also has thermoregulating properties to help keep you cooler.

The T3 series actually is the third evolution of the Hayabusa Tokushu range of fighting equipment which is one of their main lines.

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Appearance of the gloves

Just from looking at them you can see that they are different from every other pair of boxing gloves. They are made from 5 different pieces of leather – two black leather sections, a colored leather section, a section with a carbon-fiber styled appearance and then a microfiber suede panel which covers the thumb.

You can choose from a several different colors which look incredibly well.

Hayabusa T3 review


The outer shell of these gloves is made from the so-called “Vylar” leather. Although it’s not real animal leather, it’s very high quality and actually, Hayabusa themselves claim that this type of Vylar leather performs even better than a real one.

In addition, the thumb is what they call the SweatX thumb which means it’s covered with microfiber suede material which comes in handy when you want to wipe your sweat from your eyes and eyebrows. Very thoughtful, right?

The cuff on these gloves uses a dual strap to secure the hand as tightly as possible.

As well as the main velcro strap, there’s a secondary elastic strap, which pokes through and secures the wrist from the other side. Therefore, having the two straps in different directions means that you can really secure the fist into place, making sure the fit is nice and tight.

When putting the gloves for the first time you really can feel the comfort and support before you even start hitting anything. There is enough room inside the gloves while the hand feels secure in the right place.


At close to 100$ these gloves are made to satisfy the expectations of more advanced athletes or professional fighters. However, with the Hayabusa T3, you are receiving extras that you cannot find in many other boxing gloves – like the dual strap system, the hand splints, the sweat absorbing thumb and the high-quality Vylar engineered leather.

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