Hayabusa Ikusa Boxing Gloves Review

Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Gloves Review

Hayabusa Ikusa are maybe one of the most popular boxing gloves in the MMA world.

The Ikusa series of products include boxing gloves, shinguards, headgear, MMA gloves, focus mitts and Thai pads. All of these products have been developed by Hayabusa’s team to provide the best training experience for the athletes.

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About the Hayabusa brand

Hayabusa has been heavily involved in the MMA world. Over the years they sponsored athletes like GSP, Frank Mir, Jeremy Stephens, Matt Serra, Chael Sonnen and many more.

They have been making quality fighting equipment for years and are one of the most established fight brands.

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About the Ikusa gloves

  • Patented construction for wrist support
  • Supports maximum striking power
  • Ultimate hand and ligament protection
  • Promotes zero shifting
  • Advanced moisture wicking
  • Exclusive inner lining for perfect fit and feel
  • Engineered leather
  • Superior to regular gloves for performance and protection
  • Perfect for sparring and heavy bag work
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These gloves have been custom engineered to meet the requirements of the athletes during sparring and bag work. They include the patented Dual-X closure system for a better fit and wrist support.

The gloves feel very lightweight and secure, because of their fit, wrist support, and weight distribution.

Protection & Padding

When you are training any kind of contact sport, the most important thing is protection. Without the right level of protection, you can suffer different kinds of injury – from bruises to broken bones.

The padding is clearly high-quality material, able to absorb even the most powerful punches. Hayabusa designed these gloves with safety in mind and they did a wonderful job.

Comfort & Design

The gloves fit perfectly and do not slide around which is a common problem with some gloves. The soft “rising sun” style is on the top of the gloves while the Hayabusa logo is on the handcuffs. The weight is evenly distributed which helps for longer and more enjoyable workouts.

Size & Weight

The Hayabusa Ikusa boxing gloves come in 4 different options:

  • 10oz
  • 12oz
  • 14oz
  • 16oz

If you are going to spar with these, we suggest going for the heavier options – 14 or 16oz. This depends on your body weight as well. If you are a lighter individual, the 12oz option might good too. However, for the best protection of you and your partner always choose bigger and heavier gloves for sparring.

The 10oz option is best for heavy bag workout and focus mitts, so if you intend to workout on the heavy bag more than sparring – this is the perfect option.


At 80$, these gloves offer great quality for the money. You can even find them sometimes on discount for around 50$. If you are looking for good mid-range boxing gloves and you like the Hayabusa brand, these gloves will serve you long and well.

Pros & Cons

Pros:Hayabusa Ikusa Boxing Gloves

  • Great quality for the money
  • Perfect fit
  • Great wrist support due to the Dual-X Closure
  • Affordable price


We couldn’t find any!

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