Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

Everlast PowerCore Review

Having full-size heavy bags at home isn’t convenient for everyone.

Sure, some people have enough free space in their garage and also don’t really mind spending some time and money on setting up the necessary mountings for them. But if that isn’t the case for you, then our Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag review will most likely be of great interest to you.

Everlast Powercore free standing heavy bag has several features that, in our opinion, make it a very appropriate choice for home boxing. Beginners could especially benefit from it since it is fairly inexpensive.

But is Everlast free standing punching bag a good bag at all? And most importantly, is it good for you?

Well, let’s get started with our review to find that out!


Freestanding design

The main advantage of the Everlast heavy bag is its freestanding design.

Unlike regular hanging heavy bags, this bag doesn’t need to be hanged and hence doesn’t require you to have hangers, bag stands, or mounts.

This makes the Everlast Powercore a particularly suitable choice for home use.

A good benefit of the freestanding design for this boxing bag is its portability. Moving it to another place for training or for storage should be much easier than with regular hanging bags.

On the other hand, this freestanding heavy bag probably won’t be as stable and secure as a hanging heavy bag. Heavy punches will probably tip this bag over, so it is more suitable for beginners or training sessions that aren’t focused on power.

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Shock-absorbing foam bag

The primary component of the Everlast free standing punching bag is, needless to say, its bag. It is filled with a shock absorbing high-grade foam, which should keep your hands safe and at the same time should allow you to develop your technique.

The height of the bag can be adjusted between 54 and 65 inches, which should allow for more punching options for boxers with varying height. However, it should be noted that very tall boxers will probably find 65 inches of height to be insufficient.

When it comes to kicking, this bag also may not be very good. The bag stands fairly high above the ground on its neck, so doing low kicks wouldn’t be an option with it. If you are flexible enough to do mid-height and high kicks, then this won’t be an issue for you.

Power transferring

The neck that holds the bag comes with a yellow power transfer ring that is designed to absorb shocks as much as possible to prevent the tipping of the plastic base. While this may work with weaker punches, powerful punches will most likely tip the heavy bag over anyway.

Fillable plastic base

What you could do to make Everlast Powercore free standing heavy bag more stable is to fill its base with either water or sand. The heavy bag will weigh about 250 pounds with water and about 370 pounds with sand, which should be quite enough to keep the bag stable.

We would actually recommend you to fill the base with sand – preferably in bags to avoid the mess – rather than with water. Not only will this make the bag heavier, but you will also avoid spilling the water around since it appears that the plastic base isn’t that leak-proof.

Attractive price

What makes Everlast freestanding heavy bag particularly suitable for home use – especially if you are a beginner – is its fairly cheap price. While we can’t say that this heavy bag is the cheapest heavy bag on the market, it still costs much less than the high-range freestanding bags with $300 – 400 price tags.

Pros & cons


  • Suitable for home use.
  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • Absorbs punches pretty well.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Fillable plastic base.


  • Won’t stand heavy punches very well.
  • Not very tall


Does this heavy bag require assembly?

Yes, it does need to be assembled. Everlast includes everything necessary with this heavy bag, so you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

And once you have assembled the bag, there really won’t be that much need to disassemble it again.

What is the diameter and circumference of the bag?

The diameter and circumference of the base are about 22 and 71 inches respectively. For the bag, the numbers are 13 and 44 inches.

Would this bag be suitable for punch power training?

Most likely not because this bag appears not to be very stable. If you aren’t a beginner, your power punches will probably easily toss the bag around. Instead, this freestanding heavy bag is suitable for endurance and technique training.

Does Everlast freestanding heavy bag come with sand?

No, this bag doesn’t come with sand.

How does this bag’s resistance compare to that of a 100-pound heavy bag?

While Everlast freestanding heavy bag has some resistance, it cannot compare with that of a heavy 100-pound boxing bag.

Is the foam soft enough to allow training without gloves?

It may be, but you should probably train in wrist wraps and boxing gloves just for safety. You don’t really need to go and buy pricey boxing gloves to use with this bag, $40 training gloves would probably be more than enough.


Who would this free standing punching bag be suitable for, after all? Well, taking its relative inexpensiveness, its resistance, and its stability into account, we would say that it could be an appropriate choice for beginners.

However, advanced and even professional boxers could gain benefits from training on this bag as well. While it won’t be able to stay stable when taking power punches and kicks, it should be sturdy enough for speed training.

Aside from beginners, just casual boxers who want to have an endurance training could also make use of the Everlast free standing punching bag. If you aren’t young, then you would most likely appreciate a good boxing session every now and then.

In the end, if you liked Everlast PowerCore freestanding heavy bag, then you probably should go and buy it!

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