Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag Review

Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag Review

Muay Thai Punching Bag Review

Combat Sports is a leading MMA supplier providing a wide range of fighting equipment for beginners and professionals.  Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag is one of the products that proved their quality over the years. That is why we are reviewing it today. 

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Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag

  • Synthetic leather construction
  • Includes heavy duty chain
  • Weight: 100lbs
  • Size: 12″ x 72″
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Combat Sports Muay Thai heavy bag has 12″ diameter and 72″ height and comes prefilled, weighing about 100lbs.

The outer layer of the bag is made from synthetic leather, which is very forgiving, easy to clean, and comfortable to strike even without protection on your hands or legs. However, we always recommend using at least boxing gloves.


Because of the smaller diameter and the lighter weight when compared to other punching bags, the Muay Thai heavy bag tends to swing a little bit. However, this should not be a big problem if you are not a super powerful puncher.

The biggest advantage this bag has is that it’s taller than most of the bags on the market. Therefore is perfect for Muay Thai training, giving you enough striking surface to practice all kinds of shots – from low kicks to knees and high kicks.

A common problem with this kind of heavy bags is when the filling “settles” at the bottom of the bag. As a result, the bottom becomes very hard and the top can develop empty space. However, even if this happens there is an easy solution to the problem. You just have to empty the bag and re-fill it. This way everything falls into place again.


This is one of the best punching bags you can buy for the money. Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag is affordable, durable, and provides a big striking surface to practice all your shots. Another advantage is that it comes with included heavy chains. That means you save additional 20$ for the chain.

Overall, an incredibly good quality punching bag for the money.