Century Versys Series Review

Century Versys  Punching Bags Review

Century Versys is a line of 3 different models free-standing punching bags with 2 additional models for kids developed by Century Martial Arts. They provide high-quality bags that last a long time in combination with a unique design. The best part is our team reviewed all of the products below so keep reading.

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Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator Review

  • Larger striking surface than traditional hanging heavy bags
  • Top handles enable knee strikes
  • Durable heavy-duty vinyl construction
  • Pre-filled base
  • Combines the uses of a standard free standing punching bad with those of a grappling dummy
  • Base weight around 100lbs.
  • 18.75in diameter
  • 66in tall
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The Century Versys VS1 is probably the most traditional looking heavy bag in the series. However, when you take a closer look you can easily see that the bag is designed to stand out from the crowd.

The bag is made with a thick foam padding that absorbs shots really well and with a durable vinyl layer that keeps the punching bag from ripping. Versys’s base comes pre-filled which is a pretty good bonus because you don’t have to worry about filling it with sand or water.

Unlike most of the free-standing punching bags, the base of the VS1 is very small which provides an extra large striking surface (66in tall). Therefore you can practice all kinds of strikes – from low kicks to punches and high kicks.


The main purpose of the VS1 is to provide versatility and Century did a great job about that. You can practice all kinds of strikes as well as throws and ground&pound training.

However, the little base and the lightweight (100-110lbs.) makes the Versys Fight Simulator not suitable for developing power. The reason for that is it just won’t be able to stay stable if you are punching it with full power.

The bag is meant for cardio and aerobic training and if that is something you want to improve the VS1 is a perfect choice.Century VS1 Top Handles

It also features two handles on top of the bag which are very useful if you want to practice your knee strikes.

This is a unique feature and the Versys 1 is one of the few bags that have it. With the 110lbs. weight its easy to move and store which makes it perfect for home use.

Century Versys V.Spar. 1 Youth

  • Weight 40lbs
  • 51in tall
  • Pre-filled
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Century made a VS1 version for kids. It features everything from the original version but in a smaller size.

Suitable for children under 12 years old.


The price is 299.99$ at MMAWarehouse which is definitely not a cheap punching bag. However, it is often discounted at around 250$ and make sure to check out if there is special discounts or coupons when you are buying.

The Century Versys1 is a high-quality versatile punching bag. Therefore if that’s what you are looking for, 250$ is a well-spent money.

Century Versys VS.2 Grappling Simulator

  • The first grappling simulator to stand upright
  • Great for Martial Arts, MMA, Judo, BJJ
  • Works for takedowns, holds, arm bars, leg locks and reversals
  • Weights 50lbs.
  • 60in tall
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While the VS1 is designed to be versatile and be suitable for all kinds of training, the Versys 2 is made specifically for grappling. The bag is made from a very flexible material that absorbs shots well and also springs back when hit.


The unique design of the bag allows you to practice a lot of different grappling moves. Like judo throws, hip tosses, leg sweeps, single-leg takedowns and more.  You can even work on your ground and pound when you throw the VS2 to the ground.

The main advantage this punching bag is that it can stand upright on its own, unlike a classical grappling dummy.

While you can sometimes use the bag for some light punches and kicks, it’s only 50lbs so it will get knocked down easily by a powerful punch or kick.

Century Versys 2 is not a traditional punching bag and it is expensive. Therefore, make sure to you really want a bag to work on your grappling and nothing else.

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Century Versys V.Spar. 2 Youth

  • Height: 45in
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Pre-filled

Great punching bag for young athletes, just a smaller version of the Versys 2.

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Century Versys VS.3 Fight Simulator

  • Suitable for stand up sparring, takedown and ground workouts
  • Larger striking surface
  • Top handles enable knee strikes
  • Pre-filled base
  • Weights about 110 lbs.
  • 72in height
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Century Versys 3 Fight Simulator has three legs that help to keep it stable during your workouts. The design allows you to train a wide variety of punches and kicks, including flying kick and knees. It also has the same top handles which, as we already mention, are very useful if you want to work on your knee strikes.


The VS3 is a unique and interesting punching bag. It is a combination of the previous two models which gives you the opportunity to practice your striking, as well as practicing throw. For example, you can work on your single leg takedown on the VS3 while you won’t be able to do that on the Versys 1.

The bag is made from durable material that absorbs strikes very well and with its light weight is easy to move around your gym or apartment.

Overall, Century VS3 is a good heavy bag if you are looking for versatility and unique design.