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The Latest Fighting Equipment Reviews & Buyer Guides

FightBest - Latest Fighting Equipment ReviewsWelcome to FightBest – here you can fight the best fighting equipment reviews and buyer guides. We strive to deliver a wide variety of tips about fighting gear helping you improve your training and efficiency.

Choosing the best products available on the market is one of the things that defines the quality of your workouts.

That is why all product reviews here are 100% objective, tested and written by our team. We aim to be the go-to place if you want to know anything about fighting gear.

In the modern days, athletes use all kinds of fighting equipment. However, there are some essential pieces you just can’t go without. They go in that order:

  • Mouth guard – whatever combat sport you are practicing you just can’t go without a mouthguard. It is the most important piece of equipment and one of the cheapest. Your teeth and health are much more valuable than a couple of dollars for mouth guard so make sure you get a decent one and always wear it when you train.
  • Boxing gloves and hand wraps – if you are doing any kind of striking you must have a pair of good quality boxing gloves. This is an essential piece of equipment so make sure you research the options on the market before buying and check out our guide to choosing and buying the best boxing gloves.
  • Shin guards – depending if you are practicing kicks you will need a good pair of shin guards for protection. Getting a decent pair can save you a lot of pain and injuries because of misplaced or checked kicks.

These are the most important pieces of equipment.

However, there is a lot more optional equipment or special fighting gear depending on the sport you are practicing. Such as headgear, MMA gloves, rashguard, Gi for BJJ or Karate, Muay Thai/MMA shorts, boxing shoes and more.

In addition, if you want to train at home too or you are looking for gym equipment probably the most important thing is the heavy bag. Make sure to check out our comprehensive reviews about top punching bags to help you choose.

Free standing punching bag, grappling dummies, focus mitts, mats, Thai pads, kick shields are some of the equipment most gyms have. However, buying it personally for you is your choice and depends on if you have access to a gym, how well is equipped the gym, and if you want to train at home.