Top 5 Most Brutal Left Hands in the UFC

Conor Mcgregor Left Hand

Yes, we all know Conor McGregor has maybe the most famous left hand right now – his punches are not only heavy but also incredibly precise.

In the video below we will see other 4 competitors that posses the most dangerous left hands in the UFC.

The interesting thing about southpaws is that everything is opposite. Therefore, if some fighting strategy would work with an orthodox stance it might not work if you are fighting southpaw.

That’s exactly the reason why many of today’s’ fighters like to change the guards a lot.

One of the fighters commented in the video is the former UFC welterweight champion- Robbie Lawler. His trainer comments that Robbie is not a southpaw but he uses his left hand a lot to overcome his opponents.

However, other top UFC fighters mentioned in the video are the new member of the UFC – the kickboxer Gokhan Saki, middleweight fighter Derek Brunson and Jimi Manuva.



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