Why Do We Sweat Differently? The Factor That You Probably Missed

Why do we sweat

We all can agree that everybody sweats differently. But what is the reason for that?

The usual explanations are that it depends on the amount of body fat and fitness of the person. However, recent research at the American College of Sports Medicine about sweating proves another point.

The problem with the previous researches was that usually the shape and the body fat wasn’t the only factors. Usually, people with more body fat weigh more. Which leads us to think what makes us sweat? Is it because the body fat keeps us from cooling or because we do the same action with more weight?

Therefore, according to the scientists, the weight is more important for sweating than the body fat.

To prove their theory they took 28 volunteers in different shape and did series of different 60min. tests with a bicycle, changing the intensity, measuring the sweating and temperature of every participant.

It turns out that two people with the same body weight doing the same workout sweats the same even if one of them has higher percentage body fat. The body fat contributes to only 1.3% difference in the sweating.

The results don’t contradict the fact that bigger people sweat more. However, the reason is the weight, not the body fat.


At the end of the day, if you are wondering how much you are going to sweat you must know that there are a lot of variables and the most reliable method is just to measure yourself before and after training to see how much water you lost.

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