10 Shoking Facts About Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is a professional wrestler in the WWE and an ex UFC champion in the heavyweight division.

Believe it or not, he defends his title 2 times which is the record for the most title defenses in the heavyweight division.

Lesnar is also one of the most athletic fighters that ever entered the Octagon. Which might be the reason why he successfully took the UFC title in his 4th MMA fight!

Pretty impressive, right?

He also has a big success in college wrestling and experience in NFL with Minnesota Vikings.

Brock Lesnar College Wrestling
Brock Lesnar in college

In the video below you will find some other shocking facts about Brock Lesnar which you probably don’t know about.

For example, Brock looks like a very stable man but according to the video, he had a lot of problems with different substances in the past.

When he joined the WWE, Lesnar turned to drugs and alcohol – mostly vodka and Vicodin, to help him handle the new fame and the big portion of injuries.

Because of his problems which these substances he says that he doesn’t remember 2 years of his life!

Look at the video below to see the other shocking facts about Brock Lesnar, including the history behind his famous chest tattoo.


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